General Questions

I don't want SiteCTRL to add an attribution link when I copy and paste. What can I do?
Click HERE to opt out.
After applying the OPT OUT the attribution link still appears after a copy and paste.
Refresh your browser settings by clearing your cache or applying a hard refresh.
What is SiteCTRL? The short version…
SiteCTRL allows you to track your site’s user engagement through copy & paste activity. Your site’s traffic and social footprint gets boosted through an automatic link that’s added to your pasted content whether it is shared privately (e.g. email) or publicly (e.g. Facebook).
Do people really copy content?
Our stats show that between 2 and 6% of page views result in some kind of user action that SiteCTRL can track.
Example: If your website has 20 million pageviews per month, then content most likely leaves your site over 1 million times per month. Wouldn't you want to know what content gets copied and how often it leaves to help site optimization?
How does SiteCTRL drive web traffic?
When someone copies and pastes text from your website, SiteCTRL automatically adds a link back to the original article with the paste. When the recipient clicks that URL, they are directed back to the original content. This drives incremental traffic to your site when your content is shared while maintaining a consistent user experience.
How much does SiteCTRL cost?
What about user privacy?
SiteCTRL is a strong advocate of protecting user privacy and does not collect any information that can personally identify a user (e.g., name, address, phone number, etc.). It addition, SiteCTRL follows industry best practices for user notice and choice options as recommended by the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
Can I use SiteCTRL with my blog?
You can use it with some blog sites. For more information visit our Installation Guide for Blogs page.
Does SiteCTRL work with Wordpress?
SiteCTRL supports self-hosted versions of Wordpress. You can either place the code directly in Wordpress or use a convenient plug-in like EasyTynt or TyntInsights for Wordpress. See the installation guide for details.
My site does not have SiteCTRL, but why do I see requests going to tynt.com when I look in my developer tools?
We work with a number of analytic partners, helping them collect data regarding user engagement on their sites. If you have one of our partner's analytic widgets installed, you may see traffic go back to tynt.com.

RevCTRL Questions

How do the ad units work?
The ad units are triggered by social, search, retargeting, and other contextual signals to monetize your incremental traffic. RevCTRL does not conflict with your direct sales initiatives.
How can I install the ads?
The ads are easy to install. There are two different ways you can get started.
  1. If you already have the standard SiteCTRL (formerly called Tynt) code on your site, no additional implementation or page redesign is necessary. Simply complete the Ad Configuration set-up under the Monetization Tab in your dashboard.
  2. The 33Across Ad Tag can also be trafficked in DFP as a 1x1 or off-page ad position. If you would to use this configuration, you will need to remove the SiteCTRL (Tynt) code from your site. Please contact your account representative for additional information on this configuration.
After you have submitted your request to run RevCTRL ads on your site, 33Across will your site and send you an approval confirmation.
How do I get paid?
33Across will make payment within 45 days following the end of the month in which 33Across receives payment from the advertiser.

Technical Questions

How do I access my SiteCTRL and RevCTRL analytics?
Once you set up a 33Across account you can access your dashboard reports by logging in at 33across.com.
How often do my 33Across stats analytics update?
All stats update at least once per day, and some (for example the Keyword Report) update hourly.
Can I use SiteCTRL to monitor my blog?
It depends. If your blog platform allows access to HTML (e.g. Wordpress), you can use the SiteCTRL tools. Many of our users use Blogspot, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Squarespace and others, so if you have questions please get in touch (pub-support@33across.com).
Does SiteCTRL change my users&rasquo; experience on my site?
If you use the Copy&Paste product and have enabled the Attribution Link feature, a user will see the attribution link back to the original content when they paste content copied from your site. In addition, our SpeedShare product includes a small widget that appears when a user copies content – this helps facilitate content sharing to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Does the SiteCTRL identifier code (e.g. #ixzz123456) impact my SEO?
The tag allows us to uniquely identify a user copy and provides analytics via the Publisher Tools Dashboard. SiteCTRL uses a hashtag (#) because search engines ignore all characters after it. This ensures that the links are not viewed as duplicate content and there is no negative SEO impact.
How big is the payload for my SiteCTRL script?
Approximately 12kb.
What user actions does SiteCTRL measure?
SiteCTRL is designed to measure user engagement in a completely new way. Currently, SiteCTRL monitors:
  • Text/image copy activity
  • Generated links
  • Generated traffic
  • Inbound and outbound keywords
  • Most engaging content
  • Social sharing
How can I block SiteCTRL from monitoring my actions?
Click HERE to opt out.
Can the automatically generated attribution link be deleted by a user?
Yes, a user can remove the automatically generated attribution link. You cannot prevent a user from sharing your content, but using the automatic attribution link increases your chances of getting credit for the copy. The automatic link provides an effortless step for users to link back to your content and is often left in place which has a positive impact on your search engine ranking.
I have multiple domains that I want to track. Do I have to create a separate account for each?
SiteCTRL tracks and summarizes data on a per account basis. Not to worry, if you have multiple domains and would like to see the data separately, we recommend setting up accounts for each domain using the Account Rollup feature.
How does SiteCTRL track image copies?
SiteCTRL currently tracks when a user copies an image by either using the Ctrl-C or right-click copy commands. The SpeedShare product also allows for easy sharing to Pinterest and tracks those shares.
Does SiteCTRL work with Google Analytics?
SiteCTRL runs along with Google Analytics on a large percentage of our sites without any reported problems.