Benefit from user copy & paste activity to drive SEO, traffic, editorial insights, and more.

Get Copy&Paste

How it works


User copies content from your site


Page URL is inserted when content is pasted into emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more


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Key Benefits

Improve SEO rankings

  • When users copy and paste content into blogs, web sites or social networks, Copy&Paste auto-inserts the page URL, creating organic backlinks that improve search rankings
  • For many publishers, 33Across powered by Tynt is the largest source of new fixed links, significantly boosting SEO efforts

Drive incremental traffic

  • By inserting the page URL into shared content, Copy&Paste enables users to click through to view the full content on your site
  • 33Across powered by Tynt drives up to 20% more visits to individual web pages
  • 33Across powered by Tynt also increases traffic to your Facebook and Twitter pages through optional Follow Us links that can be inserted into copied content

Actionable editorial insights

  • Discover opportunities for new content by analyzing the keywords and topics that drive users away from your site
  • Uncover topics/articles/products that readers find highly engaging but lack visibility on your site

Enhance your user experience

  • 33Across powered by Tynt makes it easy for users to reference the full web page
  • Ability to include custom links within the copied content

Get credit for your content

  • 33Across powered by Tynt ensures your brand travels with your content wherever it is pasted
  • Encourages users to source your content when sharing via copy & paste

Additional Features

Follow Us

Drive users to your Facebook and Twitter pages


Address Bar Tracking

Measure site traffic generated by URL copy & paste activity


Analytics Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Tynt copy & paste and traffic data. Contact us for details.


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