Account Rollup Setup

Account Rollup allows you to log in with an email address
and access several accounts using Tynt scripts.

Steps to Creating the Account Rollup

To create the R ollup Account, login to your Tynt Dashboard account at

Click the Account icon in the top right corner of your dashboard. Then click th e link “Got multiple domains using Tynt? Set up a user account to easi ly access all of them.

In this screen you will authorize your email as the login to your Rollup Account. Select an email, password and click Save.

A verification email is sent from Tynt and you will need to click the verification link to continue. If you do not receive the verification email check the following; spelling for your email, your junk mail folder and finally click the “We can resend the email” link at the bottom of this page.

The verification email looks like the following. Click on the link to verify your email.

The verification link logs you into your Roll up Account. Note that the top right corner of the dashboard is showing your email address as the login. Below you will see the first domain name that is part of your Rollup Account.

To add your first domain to your new Rollup Account click on ‘account’ link located in the top right of the dashboard. Click “Manage your rollup domains”.

Choose ‘Existing Tynt Publisher Tools domain’ if you already have accounts setup with a Tynt Dashboard. Enter the domain and password to add the existing dashboard to your Rollup Account.

Choose ‘New domain’ if you would like to add a domain that does not already have an Tynt Account. Click the Create button to setup the script settings.

Login to your Rollup Account by using your Email address.

Add or Create domains by clicking on ‘account’ in top right of dashboard and selecting Manage your rollup domains.

Login with your email and access all your Tynt Publisher Tool dashboard’s through the Rollup Account.